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GoFlyKwads Meet FPV Pilots
Screenshot showcasing the app.
Feature Packed
Everything you need to get your kwad experience to the next level is right in the app.
  • Spots nearby
  • Sessions
  • Pilot-to-pilot chat
  • Notifications
  • Account personalization
  • ...
Screenshot showcasing the app.
All the Great Spots
Pilots from all around the world can share the best places to fly kwads. Join our community and find out about other people's favourite spots.
Screenshot showcasing the app.
Screenshot showcasing the app.
Join Sessions
For some extra fun, you can join sessions or even create your own. The integrated chat makes it especially easy to communicate with your fellow pilots.
Screenshot showcasing the web interface. On the Big Screen
Just sign in or register a new account - if you haven't already - and you can right away check out spots, join sessions and edit your account.
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